Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I allow myself to heal on all levels
I allow myself to heal on all levels
I allow myself to heal on all levels

That's the mantra my new cranio/sacral guy had me say out loud
as he worked on me yesterday on all levels. Lots of talk about nourishing myself on all levels as well. One day at a time I am learning to focus on me more than I ever have.

I saw him right after my second visit with my acupuncturist. A needle in my hand, a needle in my foot, needles along my spine and needles threaded an inch under my scalp, like knitting a sweater. Laying on my stomach for half an hour focused on my breathing, relaxing my body, and opening my body to nourishment.

I am trying to teach myself to pray out loud as I know I am suddenly on many prayer lists all around the world, at the same time I need to save my voice and talk less.

The ironies in my world are unlimited.

In the meantime life keeps happening every day with many moments of joy:

The best biggest laugh I have had in a long time was standing and leaning against a wall at the restaurant we were in last night. We were getting ready to leave and Jackie was standing there with me as we waited for the car to warm up. And I said, "I love walls, that's why I voted for Trump." I said this pretty loudly and I almost fell down laughing so hard.

The day before that was Peg's birthday and I took this picture of my angel Jackie and Grandma Peggy:

and then yesterday morning :  How many Big Sky Legends does it take to unscrew a meat slicer?

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