Sunday, November 13, 2016

Delicate Arch

Yesterday we went to Arches
we were hiking on the Upper View Trail
to Delicate Arch, the iconic arch
that symbolizes the beauty of southern Utah

as we walked up the dirt path
me trekking along slowly with my poles
we came upon a sharp ascent
of stone stairs and a steep upwards path
Jackie, Andrew and Erin continued up
and I turned back

I walked back down the path
to the very short and flat
Lower View Trail
and to the lower view of the far away Delicate Arch
the blue sky and the red dirt
and the specks of people

I stood there at the park sign
marking the official lower view point
with an up close photo
and the explanation of mother nature

I stood there supported by my trekking poles
gazing at the expansive view
took a deep breath
read the sign and snapped a photo

then wandered back to the parking lot
sat at a picnic table

and waited for my family to return

earlier that day at Balanced Rock

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