Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

What I am grateful for

That stuffed to the brim turkey on the kitchen counter
My three sons, Andrew stuck at work
Micah and Howie doing backflips on opening day
Fantasy football and the Redskin players that did well for them
My mother-in-law who loves the Lions and Dancing with the Stars
My Jackie – need I say more
My friends who laugh at my jokes
            We were talking baseball and Ivy league colleges
            And I made a speech:
“Bill Bradley went to Princeton      
Ron Darling, Mets pitcher went to Yale
            Lou Gehrig went to Columbia
            Yeah, Lou Gehrig and I have a lot in common
            Or even funnier than that – figures I’d get a Yankee disease
            Big lifetime Mets fan with a Yankee disease
Love and laughter
Pain in the Buddy who always wants a walk, and spends every meal
            under the table at my feet
New friends who sent down their Polaris Mule for me to take for a ride
A phone call from a dear cousin
For some fresh snow and lots of sunshine
For a walk down the road
For Spotify, Sonos and infinite music
For Grandpa Sandy’s stuffing recipe
For adventure traveling and dinner stories 
           Micah and Howie told a NYC story of losing a phone, 
           getting separated on the subway 
           and in the end figuring it all out and getting lucky
For loving friends, family, and community
Surrounding me with love, laughter and life...

Micah takes over carving the turkey with Howie's help

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