Friday, October 22, 2010


Stan told me that last night he had a good dream, (the night before he said he didn’t sleep well, was having nightmares, holocaust nightmares) , he dreamt about his grandmother, Rose Roogow, who he refers to as Rachlea. He told me that his father did not like his mother-in-law. In the dream his parents were fighting about her, but Dad went to her and asked her if he could get her a tea or a coffee and grandma rachlea said, yes, Stan, I’ll have a tea. That was the whole dream. Grandma Rachlea was very welcoming to her grandson Stan. Dad went on to tell me that while he was in the army – when he was 19 – she lived with his parents and when he got home from the army he lived in their small apartment in Glen Oaks and he shared a room with his grandmother… He had this silly grin on his face as we sat in the living room telling me all this, this afternoon, as we were just relaxing waiting for the ball game to start.

Yesterday we went to town with Micah to get a few chores done. Dad got new shoes, slip on leather winter mocs, with good treads, new socks, and yak traks (snow chains for your shoes). He was trying them on today and he really likes them, got to get him ready for winter. He had a manicure and pedicure and Micah and I went to the mall and got Micah new basketball shoes, socks and a Hoodie with built in headphones, what will they think of next, or am I just old and out of it? Micah also got a copy of Rick Riordan’s newest book and he sat around the house today reading it, which is great. I love it when my kids read!

Yankees lost, Texas is going to the World Series. Tomorrow is another day.

I’m trying to think of something out of the ordinary, but really the last few days have been pretty uneventful, store is very slow, I’ve gotten through the work push, now just need to make some final decisions on ordering new logo t-shirts for the store, trying to come up with something clever that will help sell the shirts… went fishing with Micah today but we saw no fish whatsoever, well actually we did see a school of sculpin – very little one inch fish that the bigger fish might be eating… but we didn’t see any bigger fish, but at least Murray got a good walk in. Left Buddy back at the house with grandpa who told me when we got back that Buddy did a lot of whining when we left, cause he wanted to come with us, but he can’t. Won’t be any fishing for Buddy till next spring….

So I have the weekend off, Jackie and Andrew get back from Seattle late tomorrow night, probably will spend my morning cleaning the house. Micah is sleeping at Grandpa’s tonight so it’s just Howie and I and of course, the dogs. Very quiet, though Buddy was giving out these loud screechy barks every time Murray walked by, now Murray’s outside and Buddy looks sound asleep.

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