Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10, Sunday morning.

Just hanging out, thinking about the last couple of days. We had Friday night dinner with our good friends and neighbors Jim and Margy. We lit the candles, and sang the prayers, and had a really nice meal which turned out to be a spontaneous birthday dinner for Jim. Saturday we spent hanging around the house. Dad came over to watch football and baseball. I took Murray down to the river where I caught 2 fish, a small rainbow that Murray tried to get into her mouth, and then a big ugly whitefish... it was beautiful yesterday, the sun out, the grass still golden as we slowly head to winter. Today is overcast and definitely a bit chillier. We will be heading to Bozeman for Howie's last weekend of fall soccer and who knows what else. Not sure Dad will be coming with us or not, I haven't spoken to him yet today, it has been a lazy morning of coffee, reading and phone calls...