Monday, March 27, 2017


Friday morning
another sleepless night
I wake up
Jackie is out of bed
she is taking pictures
of a skinny, yellow crescent moon
rising over Ramshorn Peak
it’s her favorite moon

I can’t see it from where I lie
on my back at the head of the bed
she really wants me to see it
I think at first it’s too much trouble
but we go for it

Jackie lifts me onto the side of the bed
she puts the gait belt on me
drags me to the foot of the bed
flings my legs around
onto a pillow she has placed
over the foot board

she opens all the blinds
I lean back
look behind my shoulder
Jackie holds me up
keeping me from falling over

I glimpse through the tall chokecherry tree
out our bedroom window
the golden crescent moon rising over the mountains
as the sun rises behind it
the moon turns white
and fades into the blue sky

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