Monday, March 20, 2017

Messages of Love

Everyday I receive texts, emails, snail mail cards
from friends, family, loved ones from all over the world.
They touch me deeply and help get me through the days.
Here are a few recent ones.

From Laila

Mark you are a good person who help me during my hard life with your nice wife  Jackie you are the best boss, father and husband .God bless you for the help and support for me and my son amir ,i never forget when I was so sad and you ask me let go for a walk out of the store and we can talk you want me to be happy for my son , take me two years to forget all the hurt inside of me I learn a big lesson in my life , you cant trust some  people for fake love that can cost you alot and stole your smile ,but now I have a candle lights my path is my son.and you have Jackie ,your kids and friends,familly helping that a gift from God ,i send you this picture to be in your blog like I'm there I wich if I can help love you and amir because we are part of your life with our heart ,thx again for every thing

Hi Jackie I love to see your smile all the time you are a great mom and wife  take care of your self too because your familly need you more than any thing else be strong all the time ,big hug , you helping people ,now people helping you that what you need. that mean you are the best be a proud of your self with all the love around you , you can do it Lady with big heart ,love laila ,amir .hi to my markey ,

From an old college friend who I lost touch with.
From my Aunt Sylvia who sends me cards weekly.

From Jackie's godmother, Aunt Emily who sends frequent cards and texts.

From my dear cousin Ruthie after her visit.

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  1. Hey Mark and my dear sweet Jackie- it's so great to read your posts and see all of the love coming your way. Your days sound filled with activity and people that love you and your family. I'm excited to check out the new ride and the van during our visit ( not sure yet when, but I'm coming). Think and prayer for you every day that you had a good night sleep and a good day. Sending love, Mimi