Monday, March 13, 2017

Acceptance, joy, creativity

Acceptance, joy, creativity
Those are the three words Jackie and I have been talking to each other about
Accepting what’s happening to me
Finding joy
And being creative
To help get through each day and make the days positive

There’s so much pain and suffering in the world
Everyday I hear of someone new with cancer
I am not the only one with daily struggles
Some days it’s hard for me to keep a smile on my face
But I do try everyday

My days are very busy
One would think I’m sitting around the house doing nothing
The days go by very fast
Sometimes it seems like I get nothing done
If I have an appointment in Bozeman
It usually takes up the whole day

Last week on Tuesday I had an appointment
With my therapist at 11:45 am
In order for me to be there on time
I had to move pretty fast all morning
So I felt like I was rushing
That is hard on me
But that’s my time slot
I always feel better afterwards
Tracy took me so Jackie could go to Jim’s memorial service

Even though we have this new van
To get me around in my wheelchair
The trips are very hard on me
I haven’t figured out how to be comfortable
In the wheelchair in the car
I got home at 4pm very tired

We had a dinner party planned for 6:30
With employees who I hadn’t seen in quite awhile
Lindsie brought the dinner
Courtney brought the wine
Ashley brought dessert, Pavlova
Ben and Mackenzie, the newlyweds brought wine and smiles
My angel Candice arrived just in time for dinner
I was nervous for the party but it was awesome

I drank wine for the first time in a long time
Courtney brought a great line-up
It was hard to resist

On Thursday I had occupational and speech therapy
And my older brother Harold and his wife Cyndy
Were flying in from Chicago and meeting us at the hospital
It was another rushed morning
And hard appointments
Harold and Cyndy were in the waiting room as we left
At first sight I burst into tears
Last the time I’d seen Harold was at my father’s funeral
Three days after my diagnosis


On Friday night we ventured to the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center
My first appearance in public in quite awhile
Before the concert we had a Shabbat dinner with Candice and her boyfriend Tim
Cyndy made challah bread from scratch
The bread had to rise twice and she had to braid it
It was beautiful to watch and it was delicious to eat
The dinner was so nice but too short
We had to get to WMPAC by 7:30
We went to see Hiromi: The Trio Project
They put me in the front row where Hiromi could make eyes at me
While being crazy on the piano
It was an amazing show
I saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in quite awhile
It was hard for me to talk
But I smiled a lot

On Saturday Jackie went to the Headwater’s competition
To watch Howie nail his ski run
Harold and Cyndy kept their eyes on me
We got outside for a walk
And enjoyed the neighborhood
Saturday evening Andrew and his girlfriend Erin arrived

On Sunday morning Cyndy made two more loaves of challah
Jackie went to watch Howie freeride ski
Harold and Cyndy left in the afternoon
It was a great visit
Then Andrew and Erin took over

So my days are full
I smile as often as I can
I try to accept my fate
Enjoy all the people who surround me
And gather strength from all their love
To create something positive

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