Saturday, January 16, 2010

What did the monkey say when they cut off his tail?
It won't be long now....

That's what Dad told me as we started our walk this morning.

He gets talkative on his walks. His walks make him feel better. He likes to take his walks, and I think he prefers walking by himself, he puts his head down and walks, which is a little scary with the Florida style of driving...

Right now, I'm sitting at the kitchen table with Dad and Helena, I'm writing they're talking. Football game is on in the background. Howie is doing his math homework, we are going to go to dinner at Grandpa Jack's in about half an hour.
"There's something wrong with my hearing aid, it goes in and out." "This Morgan Stanley statement goes to Harold."

After 0ur walk we headed over to my father-in-laws where Howie spent the night. Jack had the pool in the driveway ready to go. Howie was still asleep, but by noon we were on the road to the city dock to go boating. It was very windy at the dock. We put the boat in the water and I held next to the dock while Jack went to park the car and trailer. While I was trying to help my Dad get into the boat and then put on his sweat shirt, the boat seemed to float backwards and the motor was hitting the concrete a little bit. Jack came back from the car, coached me on raising the motor and then we pushed the boat away from the dock and were able to pull away. It was pretty windy, but after we got out into the channels a bit the wind calmed down and the sun came out. We went out to the edge of the gulf, but the gulf was rough. We found a nice channel to anchor and have lunch and fish. After lunch I picked up the rod and brought in the line and what do you know we had a snook on the line.

We fished for awhile hung out. We spotted some dolphins. Dad got excited when he saw them swimming with us on the side of the boat. "They were only 10 feet away from the boat! They were swimming right alongside the boat! They were half way out of the water!"

It was really a nice mellow fun day on the boat. We took a detour through the docks checking out the big yachts and the restaurants near the docks...

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