Friday, January 15, 2010

Back from dinner

We picked up Bob and Mary and we all squeezed into my little toyota corolla, and drove over to the Silver Spoon. Someone was pulling out of a primo parking space so I waited and then pulled up, but let everyone out of the car before I pulled into the space so there would be room to open the doors to get out. While I am sitting there in the middle of the parking lot, with someone waiting for me to move to back out of their space (even though I wasn't even close to them) and another person waiting for them to back out so she could get by, Dad basically stood in the middle of the parking lot with the car door open for some reason slowly taking off his jacket, which he suddenly decided he didn't want or need. Bob, moved him away from the traffic, closed the car door and then after I parked put Dad's coat into the car.

Then it was onward to the Silver Spoon, where cars waited patiently for Mary, Helena and Dad to cross the crossing path, Bob and I waved a car along and then crossed. It's Florida.

The Silver Spoon was crowded, there was a fifteen minute wait, this was at 6:00 pm, and when we left it was still hopping. We walked around the mall where there was some live music and some scattered scultpures. Very colorful fun sculptures with happy interesting captions. I walked around the mall quickly while the rest of my party headed back to the restaurant to make sure we didn't miss our turn and sure enough as soon as I joined them we got seated. We all got happy hour drinks, Mary had a great looking bloody mary, we had buffalo wing appetizers, and we all had great meals. The ladies had chicken pot pie, the silver spoon specialty. Then it was back to Bob and Mary's for cherry pie and ice cream.

Right now, Dad and Helena are sitting in the living room as I am writing. Dad is obsessedly worried about having to sign the deed, have it notarized and mailing it back. He will have anxiety about this for the next 5 days. I explained to him about 3 times so far what he will need to do once it arrives. So... he says to me... maybe we can do it in the morning. Dad, we don't have the deed yet. Oh. So now I tell him, this is what you will do... you will receive the deed in the mail, you will take it to Pack n Ship, you will open the envelope there. You will have your driver's license with you. You will sign the deed. You will ask them to notarize it for you. You will put it in the return envelope and have pack n ship send it back for you. You will pay them for their help.

Helena responds, thats if they are a notary.

I will go there tomorrow and ask them if they are a notary.

You can call them.

I will call them, Dad says. But first I need the deed in my hand....

I am trying to remember what we talked about at dinner, but my mind has gone blank, and I think I will let it be blank. Bob was a little disappointed we didn't make it to the beach today as he had bought Howie a nerf football, which he gave me to bring home to him. Bob and Mary had also bought Dad a glow in the dark wand, blue light, flashlight, whistle. Dad loves it.

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