Sunday, September 3, 2017

Football and Feeling Better

everybody is worried about me
I've been sick
still am
a few nights ago I coughed all night long
today is a better day

two weeks ago
we went to a friend's house on the river
to celebrate our anniversary
I surprised Jackie
with a pair of earrings
to match her new ring

we saw the eclipse in Yellowstone Park
on the way to Salt Lake City
it took us thirteen hours to get there
due to extreme totality traffic
we even rode the shoulder for a while

our visit to Salt Lake
was somewhat successful
we were able to get an upgrade
to my eye gaze computer system
ALS clinic on Wednesday was intense
Dr. Bromberg told us some hard stuff

on Friday we went to Howie's
football game in Harlowton
a two and half hour drive away
just before the game
the team ran up the hill to me
one by one touched me
dedicated the game to me
then Howie on a forty yard pass
scored the first touchdown for the team
and spiked the ball
(not allowed-15 yard penalty but teammate
made the extra point kick so all good)

Howie's team won the game
it was close most of the game
but we went ahead in the second half
and never looked back

The Big Horns played another game yesterday
it was the most exciting game in Lone Peak history
with one minute left in the game
the other team was punting the ball
we blocked the punt
and took over the ball first and goal

on the first down we fumbled the snap
but recovered the ball
the second down we didn't get anywhere
then we called a time out
nineteen seconds left on the clock

Frankie handed the ball to Rhett
who barreled his way into the end zone
for a touchdown and the lead
with fifteen seconds left

one completed pass followed by
two hail mary's we won the game
howie knocked down the last hail Mary
he also ended the game with three touchdowns
and lots of completions
what an amazing game

August 19, 2017


  1. Soooooooooooo great to hear from you, Mark!!!
    And awesome play by play of Howie and team🙌🏻
    So grateful today is better! You are never far from my thoughts😘

  2. So glad your feeling better and could make it for such a great game! Happy you were able to catch eclipse too, it wasn't much to view in Hawaii, very early am and just a crescent shape not the full eclipse. I'm sorry the trip to SLC wasn't better. With ALS there doesn't appear to be much good news. I am so incredibly sorry that you are facing such a brutal disease. I send you love everyday and pray for a miracle. You have many people sending you love and I truly hope to be able to make it back to Colorado and a trip to Montana. Much love and big hugs!!!

  3. So glad you posted again! Great to hear about Howie and his wonderful plays... Sorry to hear that you were still sick. Praying for you all the time. Billie

  4. Mark -- Yay!! So happy to see a blog post. Ethan and I laughed out loud at the "extreme totality traffic." Happy you didn't cough away your great sense of humor. I was also so touched by the image of Howie's team running up and touching you before the game. I am sorry for the hard things at the ALS Clinic. Love you lots and I miss seeing you each week. Keep up the writing. I loved reading it.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Go Howie! Go Bighorns! From soccer shuttles to the football field....
    Thoughts and prayers continuing to be sent your way...

  6. It's been so nice to follow your blog Mark! Sending so much love to you, your family and the big sky community that loves you all so much!❤️Kwippy