Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Amazing and Awesome

we ran into Beth at the Corral Bar
we were there with others
thinking about
Devon White
the co-owner of the Corral
at home and failing
another life cut short by cancer

Beth's son, Gus was there too
he got kicked in the throat
by his horse the day before Soulshine
he ended up with a trach
he got it removed two days ago
and here he was

I kept wanting to cry
but Beth wouldn't let me
She kept saying no
how amazing and awesome we were
every time I started to cry
she would repeat
how amazing and awesome we were
she would also say how
amazing and awesome
our kids are

she was relentless
kept telling me
how proud we need to be
of our own accomplishments
including our kids

we met Beth on July 4th, 1993
we were at the Corral for dinner
Beth was our waitress
we didn't know her
when our food came
she picked up Andrew
and carried him around
to her other tables
so we could eat

we went back the next night
'cause we liked the service and
wanted to see Beth again
a few years later
we were neighbors
in the Grey Wolf condos
Beth, another New Yorker
who became family

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