Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Eye Gaze Report of the Weekend


we did yoga today
Jill had me on the floor
with Jackie and Bridget's help
on the floor
on my yoga mat
I was happy

Jill worked out
my legs and arms
it felt great
I might be sore tomorrow
but it will be OK

it felt so good to be on the floor
we even did sevasana
it was a miracle
the ladies were able
to lift me up
off the floor
onto my chair


we woke up to snow today
I almost didn't go
to the football game
we won the game
two weeks in a row
blowouts 42-6, 55-6
Howie returned
the opening kickoff
for a touchdown
first time in
Big Horn, 8-man history


today Klaudia came over
to play the piano
last week she played
classical music
including Chopin
today she played from
"The Greatest Songs Ever" book
show tunes, elvis presley
and the theme to the Godfather
Margy was here both times
it was awesome
I got to eat today
some chocolate mousse
just the right consistency
it was deliciousness
made by Curly


  1. Oh my goodness! Love love love these photos! Mark you look so happy! Love the Mets football outfit! Happy to see u doing yoga!!! Eating mousse and jackie looks gorgeous. Wow! Howie ie is going t make all star! 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Awesome pics! Great to hear from you. All our love, hugs, peace, and life to you and your's❤️
    Art n Maggie

  3. So happy to see you are doing better and out and about----yoga----always a good thing!!!! Awesome to see you bundled up at the game and a return for a TD--amazing day!!!! Much love to you, Jackie and the family XOXO

  4. What a happy weekend! Made me smile to read about it. So much love and friendship (and snow!). Love and miss you all very much. XO

  5. Great photos and report. You and your clan will continue to inspire me. I send much love your way😘

  6. So happy to read what you’ve been up to. How wonderful and inspiring. Gorgeous photos, beautiful family.