Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Family Gone Fishing


Mr. Harder was wearing a red, white and blue pair of sunglasses at a Thursday night concert. Micah was talking to him and noticed the sunglasses. He used to have the same exact pair. They were vintage Iski sunglasses that Micah bought on Ebay. Mr. Harder immediately took them off and gave them to Micah.

Mr. Harder was given the sunglasses by one of his students who found them on the Gallatin. She told him he was the only person she knew who could rock those sunglasses.

Micah lost them on the Gallatin River. We were fishing together. I caught a couple of small trout. I fell inexplicably while walking on some dry rocks. That was a year ago.  That was the last time I cast a fly.

Andrew and Micah went fishing a few days ago. Jackie and I tried to follow but the trail was too wonky. Andrew caught a big brown trout using the caddis fly I picked out for him.

The evening before, we went fishing together with Ben 
Johnson one of my managers. Ben helped set them up off the 
bike path. Andrew caught a nice fish for a small stream even though he was wearing flip-flops.


  1. That's an amazing story about the sunglasses returning to Micah! Reminds me of when he found his Iphone on the mountain on a summer's day after losing them in the snow several months prior. Micah--you are blessed by the Stuff That Returns god (whoever he/she is) and by a wonderful loving father who can tell your tale. Loving you all from MA!

  2. And Andrew--congrats on catching those fish!

  3. A year reflection period, last time casting- these small coincidences can be so significant.

  4. Love the sunglasses story! Not surprised to hear your fishing advice is still expert. Love you.

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