Friday, August 4, 2017


why does my body require
so many goddamn machines
the ventilator, the cough assist, the suction,
the oxygen, the power chair, the airbed
I also have two additional body parts
the feeding tube
the supra pubic catheter
I have a common cold
with a bad cough
it feels like I’m going to die
is it worth all the trouble
everybody in this town loves me
they want me around
I ended up in the hospital
last Saturday for
a common cold and a UTI
I guess there is something
nasty growing in my urine
I need to fight the nasty
whatever it is
stay out of the hospital
as soon as we got home
I was feverish
Dr. Daniels made
yet another house call
on a Sunday
he told us to take the antibiotic
three times a day instead of two
Ben came over from the store
with a selection of
over the counter cold meds
Dr. Daniels picked out a couple
for me to put through my feeding tube
three days later I realized
they were making me loopy
I think I took a turn for the better today
but I’m still coughing and spitting a ton
I still can’t eat or drink by mouth
ice chips only since Sunday
I ventilated for two and a half hours
watching House Of Cards
and the Mets
lose another one in the ninth
very little coughing
but as soon as I was off
I started hacking away
I moan and groan a lot
Jackie says I sound like
the old man next door
with the horrible cough
that just won’t stop
stay tuned


meanwhile there’s a new movement
part of a bigger movement
on Wednesday Barbara and Katie
set up a table on The Moose patio
Barbara gave up her voice
Katie gave up her dominant arm
Jackie posed with donors holding the sign
Barbara wrote like a fiend
next time she will have to give up
her dominant arm as well
they raised a bunch of money
for a non-profit biotech company
working on
a cure for ALS

this Monday
Jackie is going to give up
five things for five hours
her voice
her ability to write
or use a device to communicate
solid food
her ability to feed herself
her ability to take care of me

she plans to start her time
at Community yoga at 11
across from the store
on the Town Center stage
then sit at the donation table
until 4pm
she will invite others
to take care of her

Learn more about #whatwouldyougive

donate through Team Big Sky (there are two of us with ALS in Big Sky)

If you can, take a photo of yourself holding the sign and post to social media with the link to donate through Team Big Sky and #whatwouldyougive
tag Jackie Roberts Robin so we can see it too

 Katherine "Kit" Watson the other half of Team Big Sky

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