Friday, November 9, 2012

a day in the life

Hello friends and family, here is an attempt at a short blog... since I actually took a few pictures today. At the store today, a group of about 9 preschool age kids wandered in through the back door on a field trip through the snow - We got 12 -18 inches last night and are expecting more snow and cold temperatures this weekend. So the kids came in with their teachers and one of the girls wandered right into my office heading towards the deli kitchen. I just picked her up gave her a big smile and put her back down heading in the right direction. They all shared some hot chocolates and were as adorable as ever.  

Later in the day Jackie and I went to the school for a celebration of Veterans Day. The school honored all the veterans of the armed forces that live in Big Sky and Grandpa Stan who was in the army during the Korean War joined the fun. There were at least 30 men and women who were honored by the school. There were some really great speeches by some of the high school seniors, who admitted how they took for granted the freedoms we have all been blessed with as Americans and how much they have learned to appreciate the men and women who have fought for our freedom.  Plus there was a great speech by one of our local veterans who talked about his life experience as a colonel in the air force. He spoke about the three main core values of the air force, Integrity (honesty), Excellence (working hard, doing one's best) and Service before Self.  He spoke about people he has known in the armed forces and most of all his own Aunt who served as a nurse during World War II and how she served many times over, service before self, and never talked about it. He only learned about her service after she died....

Micah with Grandpa at the Veterans Day Celebration

Stan with his pal Maury, another army veteran who served in Korea

So those were two events during a day that was filled with many more....

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