Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's been almost a year since I've last blogged or even looked at my blog, and of course it's the fall.
The jewish holidays have come and gone, and so a small window of opportunity has presented itself for some personal self-reflection as I find myself home alone. Jackie and Howie are in Jackson for a soccer tournament, Micah is out with his friends, Andrew is in Salt Lake City at college and I am home alone. Worked this morning. Ran the scoreboard at Micah's high school 6 man football game, which they lost badly, then I walked Buddy, watched some meaningless Met's baseball, went on a bike ride with my friend Marc, then back home to make some dinner for myself.  Now sitting in a very quiet house, thinking about getting into bed and reading a book.

It's been a whirlwind of a year. Howie's Bar Mitzvah on April 6th was an absolutely awesome event, Howie did a great job, his d'var torah was meaningful and beautiful given with such poise. I need to post some photos! Then a couple of weeks later we were off to Zion National Park for a camping trip with our good friends, the Wades and then a spontaneous drive to Las Vegas!

Then it was back to Big Sky and the off season which was spent renovating our new store on the mountain which opened on July 26th. In the meantime we had an unbelievably busy summer - Jackie and I worked pretty much every single day all summer long and are just now finally decompressing from the craziness of being super busy and having 2 stores.

Last week Jackie and I had a trip to Los Angeles were we stayed in the Venice Canals very close to where we used to live before moving to Big Sky almost exactly 20 years ago... It was truly a trip down memory lane, as if you snapped your fingers and it was 20 years later and some things were exactly the same and some things were completely different.  We had a nice relaxing time, riding bikes, visiting with a few old friends and just hanging out and reading on our patio overlooking the canals.

Now we are back working on getting ready for a super busy winter with 2 very busy locations.  And so in the meantime if I'm not working I will try to ride my bike or maybe even fish and read and maybe even write.  This is my first attempt.

During all this I am also in charge of my Dad, loving referred to by most as Grandpa Stan.  He is doing O.K.  Currently in Bozeman at a Rehab facility to try to get him stronger.  He has been going downhill, the Parkinsons and his stomach issues starting to get the best of him, he has ended up in the hospital 3 times over the last couple of months. He goes to town for doctor's appointments and he ends up being admitted to the hospital...

He seems very unhappy at the Rehab facility which is actually very nice, but he complains that his room is too small and the t.v. is too small, and I think he's just frustrated that he isn't feeling that great. It's also frustrating to me that he's an hour away, so it's not as easy for me to drop in on him. I will go into town tomorrow and spend some time with him...

And so I have been very busy of late, usually there is something that is demanding my attention. This evening is a very rare moment that I am not being pulled away from myself..

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