Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello again!

"There's a time to live and a time to die." This is what Stan told me the other day as I drove him home after dinner at our house. "I had a couple of doozy dreams." This is what he told me last night as we got ready to go home to his place, but he never told me what they were. I'll try to find out tonight.

Even though it's still snowing out there, signs of spring are abounding, you can see the pavement of the driveway most afternoons, after the snow melts, a mountain bluebird was perched on our back patio this morning. Today is the first work day morning I have blown off work and am waiting for Andrew who doesn't have school today to go skiing. Last Sunday was my first day off from the store since early February. Baseball season has started and the Mets are doing O.K., actually better than expected. Low expectations make for more fun baseball watching.

I will need to load some new pictures, and write some stories, and start reporting again, another sure sign of spring, transition in my work life, less store, more family time, time to start fishing... Jackie has my camera in Snowbird in Utah for Micah's last freeride competition of the season. Andrew will be going to the University of Utah in the fall.

And slowly the sunlight of spring shines on me to relax, live, love, and get out of the store!

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