Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stan had me take this picture at least a week ago so all can see how much snow is outside his condo - he is facing his condo which is exactly the same as the ones behind him...

I have not blogged in so long I have no idea where to begin, let's just say I've been working a lot, doing lots and lots of grocery deliveries, mixed in with some basketball games, a Howie piano recital, a visit from a college friend over Christmas for a couple of days, plus a couch surfer, but mostly work, lots of work, lots of work, just a very busy December and now it's already January 9th.

We skied today as a family. Wish I remembered my camera. We skied 2 tree runs, all five of us together, weaving in and out of each other and the trees the boys hitting every jump doing 360's and 720's. Those moments of us all together are so very sweet... and with Andrew turning 18 on friday... who knows how often we will be able to have these moments.

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