Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Afternoon, 2:00pm. Just looked at our store e-mails and there are 2 orders for today, that came in about an hour ago, for today, no phone call, no please in the comments section, no tips, just me me me me, the american self centered, i want it and i want it now. People. I guess I just don't want my employees to have a stressful day so would wish that others would feel that way. Actually I'm not sure what I think, or what I want, but I am thinking I might have to go down to the store and help for an hour or so...

Boys are downstairs they were playing the wii, but it now sounds like they are playing pool, mom is down there with them. Last night we watched the new Woodstock movie, interesting to watch, one of those half documentary half fiction, creating a new history, a couple of times they flashed the Happy Ave sign, making Jackie and I nostalgic for the house upstate where we were married soon to be sold...

Just walked the dogs, Nettie saw me walking, turned into the neighborhood and stopped to wish me a Merry Christmas, which was very nice of her on her way to Bozeman to spend Christmas with her brother and to have dinner with the Greenes... Those crazy neighborhood dogs barked and barked at me as we stood talking and then as I continued walking by. Lightly snowing, sunny and only 20 degrees today as opposed to the below zero weather yesterday.

Busy day in the store Christmas Eve. Actually a bit insane. 4 pick up orders. Plus 2 major truckloads of groceries, plus 3 deliveries and then a 4th later on. Store aisles full of groceries to be put away, plus wagons of shoppers and of our own shopping for deliveries, but in the end everything got done, put away, delivered, put back in order... Also trying to figure out what produce to order for Saturday based on out of stocks and what was flying out the door. Crazy double work-a-days, that's how I refer to what other people call holidays...

Last night got home around 7pm, Jackie and I made burgers and baked yams for dinner, sat around the table and talked, then had a pool tournament which didn't go off so well because Howie lost to Micah, and Howie cannot handle losing to Micah or Andrew and just went off the deep end of no return ridiculousness full of fake tears and screams, which is what I'm afraid might happen again downstairs, but for now sounds peaceful. After the pool tournament and Howie finally calmed down to some sort of mellowness we opened up presents from family. And then we watched the Woodstock movie, Howie and Micah both fell asleep watching it pretty much soon after it started.

Then after making room for Santa Claus, Jackie and I finally went to bed around 2 am.

to be woken up by Howie and Micah a little bit after 8am, but we prolonged the morning having coffee and breakfast, before opening the abundance of presents under the tree. It was nice because we didn't finish opening up presents until sometime after 11 am, the boys went down to play Wii, I watched the end of the Knicks basketball game, Micah joining me for most of the last quarter. My Dad called me back during the 4th quarter so I got him to watch the final minutes, the Knicks almost came back to win, but lost.

After the game is when I took the dogs for a walk. Taking my cell phone with me contiplating calling the Welch's for a Merry Christmas wish, which after seeing Nettie, I did call, leaving a message for them on their machine. Lots of memories from 10 -17 years ago flashing through me head. An image of me laying on the couch in our little t.v. room in our condo, balled up in the fetal position crying after the terrible news of Uncle Howie and cousin Rachel, driving through the snowstorm to get a phone number from the store which wasn't there, cross country skiing a couple of days after Thanksgiving over a week later, did they really stay in Big Sky that long?

Now home, feeling melancholy, writing, so lucky, so lucky, so lucky, unbelievable fortunate, almost embarrassingly fortunate, what a family, what boys, what a place to live, lots of books to read, poems to read and write, stories to read and write, a family and friends to love.

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