Thursday, December 17, 2009

7th night of Hanukah. Banana bread in the oven. Yesterday was Howie's piano recital. Tonight was the last Middle School Basketball game of the season, Micah had a couple of nice baskets. His team won, it was an easy win. Spaghetti feed fundraiser at the school after the game. Howie got his head gear for his braces today. And most importantly Jackie received a big white envelope from the White House, a gold Presidential Seal on the outside, Seasons Greetings from Barack and Michele Obama on the inside while I received a Season's Greetings postcard from Montana Senator Jon Tester and his family. The store is starting to get busy. On my feet all day, running up the mountain with 4 deliveries. It looks like Christmas is going to happen after all, now we just have to survive the fast paced crazy busy. And fit in all the holiday fun as well!

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