Wednesday, December 30, 2009

6 am, been laying in bed tossing and turning most of the night, not able to sleep, more like a half sleep, half awake, but now fully awake, did some work on the computer, which I won't have to do when I go in to work in a couple of hours if not sooner, since I'm already awake and out of bed, but probably will go lay down for another hour or so, just to get a little more rest. There's another order on the computer - people looking for groceries delivered by noon. Should be able to make that happen, but it does change my day a little bit. Too much adrenaline working I think is what's going on with me. I do get tired, but my mind is still wired. Had to do the associated order last night and that gets me thinking I should have ordered more orange juice, I still can order more if I want to, let it go, let it go, go with your initial instincts. Plus all the delivering, the putting away, the phone calls, the e-mails, the website, the orders in, the orders out, the drama in the deli, the incredible amount of physical labor that has to happen in a busy grocery/deli, all the cardboard, the customers, the transactions, the inventory going in and going out, all those items we sell, how do we keep track of it all, on and on, no wonder I can't sleep.

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