Monday, November 16, 2009

The Weekend

Let's see. There's Jackie and Andrew standing next to our new to us 2006 Subaru Outback. That was the big event this weekend, buying yet another car to our fleet. Otherwise a pretty mellow weekend. Winter has arrived, snow and ice, cold winds, but for most of the weekend we did have lots of sunshine and brilliant blue skies, just cold...

Jackie and I had a bunch of alone time at the house all 3 boys busy with sleepovers at friends houses. It was nice to have some quiet time. I had Thursday off from the store as well. We spent most of the time either walking the dogs or just hanging around the house. I blogged and read books. Finished 2 really well written, inspirational books, Tracy Kidder's Strength is What Remains and Alexandra Fuller's The Legend of Colton H. Bryant. I'm not sure inspirational is the right word. Kidder's book is a story of a man from Burundi, not only a survivor of genocide, but also a hero in his ability to succeed and help others. Fuller's book written in very short chapters which I felt were more like prose poems is a story of the life of a man destined to work the oil rigs of Wyoming and those around him and touched by him.

They are both books that made me feel very fortunate with everything that I have and both made me want to put myself out there in a way to help others.

Saturday night we had friends over for a game night. Some Scrabble and Taboo. Scrabble with the kids before dinner and Taboo after dinner with the adults. It was a really fun evening, Sunday then becoming a sort of recovery day though that is when we went and bought the car. We went out and test drove the car on Saturday. Jackie really liked it and so when we woke up on Sunday she brought it up and it was a good thing we bought it on Sunday because I think it probably would have sold to someone else this morning.

Work today was pretty mellow, Thanksgiving still 10 days away. I worked till 11:30, did some final paperwork on the subaru, worked out at the gym, went back to work, did some paperwork, shopped for the house, came home around 2:20, unloaded the groceries, talked to Jackie, went off to my massage with Sarah. Good massage, feeling somewhat relaxed, made dinner for the kids while talking to Jackie. Andrew had Grant over. Jackie's just getting back from teaching her class, time to pick up a book to read or just hang out with her.

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