Monday, October 19, 2009

Albino Lake

Can't sleep. Middle of the night, 3:30 am. Been reading Jhumpa Lahiri's book Unaccustomed Earth. I'm dreaming about writing short stories. A car flies by on the highway through the window. I let the cat outside, wouldn't let him out earlier, but I do now. Earlier there were noises out there, the sounds of elk bugles or coyotes or a wolf.

We went on an easy hike today with the Wades. A gang of 4 adults and 5 kids. Somehow I reinjured my knee, jumping across a very narrow stream. Thought I would try to fish the side of Albino Lake and my left knee cracked and felt extremely funny. And now it hurts. I've been reading and icing it, but it has me worried. I'm sure it's O.K., but... So it's keeping me awake, not from the pain, but from the worry. I fell asleep fine probably around 11:30, but woke up at around 2 and have been reading since, wide awake. Writing always makes me tired, so I'm hoping I can write myself to sleep.

The hike was beautiful, expansive, autumn heading into winter, the sun was out when we started, but the clouds rolled in, a sprinkle here and there at Albino Lake which suddenly appeared around a corner. At the far end of the lake was a flock of trumpeter swans, white majestic, on the shore and in the water. As we approached them they swam away from us.

What is bothering me the most is the tightness in my knee, it just doesn't feel as mobile as it should, a set back, it's not so much the pain, it's the worry.

I talked to my Dad yesterday, he had called to find out what station a college football game was on, but Jackie, Howie and I were out for a bike ride, also in Taylor Fork, that's where and when we had the idea for today's hike. I called him before our neighbors came over for dinner. Somehow he found the station on his own. The day before we had talked for awhile, going over the list of stuff we need to do when I go visit him next week.

I think it's working my mind is getting tired, I'm not remembering, I should try to sleep

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