Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Memorial, a Reunion and the Last Big Horn Game of the Season

October 22

we went to Mary Lou Cook's
memorial yesterday
it was a catholic mass
the priest asked me
if I wanted to take communion
he blessed me
the Father, the Son and
the Holy Ghost
Mary Lou was someone I admired
not that I always appreciated her
not when she touched every tomato
at farmer's market
when we were looking for
a new location for the store
she advised us
her advice was to follow our instincts
I guess we had good instincts about friends

Mary Lou had a lot of
tragedy in her life
she would plow forward
and say that life is for the living

Mary Lou's family is awesome
her granddaughter, Amelia
is one of my favorites
she worked for us one summer
and was such a pleasure
she was always on time
she always had a smile on her face
despite being thrown to the wolves
at the deli counter
we hope she will
work with us again

October 28

My college friend, Marty Shore
came for a visit
I hadn’t seen him 
in thirty-five years
It was like a snap of the fingers 
Marty went to the football 
playoff game with us
we traveled in the van to Drummond 
the Big Horns had it handed to them
no touchdowns for Howie
or anyone else on the team
Marty and I lived on the same floor 
all four years of college
we were always good friends
we told some stories 
of our times together 
but we hardly scratched the surface 
he’ll just have to come back with his family

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